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Klean Probiotic, Douglas Labs (60 Caps)

Douglas Labs Klean ProbioticKlean Probiotic is made by Douglas LabsKlean Probiotic

Manufacturer: Douglas Labs
Item #: KA200900-60
Content: 60 Caps


Supplies 15 billion beneficial live organisms to support a healthy intestinal tract and immune system

Klean Probiotic contains 8 strains of probiotics plus prebiotic to balance the bacteriain your gut and assist in proper nutrient absorption.

Oral supplements of live, beneficial intestinal micro-organisms for nutritional health and well-being are known as probiotics. Probiotic dietary lactobacilli and bifidobacterium colonize the intestinal tract. The composition of the intestinal microflora is dynamic and constantly changing. If harmful microorganisms proliferate, the equilibrium is disturbed, and it becomes difficult even for indigenous bacteria to maintain their necessary territory to colonize the intestine. Antibiotics tend to kill off both beneficial and harmful bacteria, and thus may also disturb the normal, healthy balance of intestinal microorganisms. Various intestinal conditions can compromise the immune system and lower the amounts of healthy intestinal microflora. When potent probiotic supplements, such as Klean Probiotic, are supplied regularly, chances are greatly increased for establishing and maintaining a healthy population of beneficial intestinal microorganisms. Once established, a normal intestinal microflora rich in lactobacilli creates acidic conditions that are unfavorable for the settlement of pathogenic micro organisms. Clinical trials also suggest that the exposure to microbes through the gastrointestinal tract powerfully shapes immune function. In particular, lactobacilli are considered to induce reactions involvingTh1 cells that trigger allergic diseases. The ability for probiotic cultures to survive stomach acidity and pH is no longer of concern.

The live cultures in Klean Probiotic have been studied in vitro to be extremely resistant to low stomach pH and bile acids in the duodenum, and also shows increased binding to human intestinal walls and protective effects of intestinal colonization. Prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides) are carbohydrates that have short molecular chains. They function as non-digestible ingredients that can positively affect selected groups of beneficial intestinal microflora, such as lactobacillus. While probiotics merely add beneficial microflora, prebiotics affect the intestinal environment so that beneficial colonies of microflora can flourish. By aiding the beneficial microflora’s survival, pathogenic microflora can have a decreased chance of survival. Several studies in animals and humans have shown positive effects of probiotics and prebiotics on mineral absorption and metabolism and bone composition due to improved gut functioning and multiple other factors. Klean Probiotic is tested and certified by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, which was created to meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and healthcare professionals to certify that sports supplements are safe and completely free from banned substances. Every product that carries the NSF® mark has undergone stringent laboratory testing to confirm content, purity and compliance.

Klean Probiotic capsules may be a useful dietary supplement for athletes who wish to support their immune system and intestinal microflora with potent amounts of beneficial microorganisms.

Adults take one capsule daily or as directed.

 Supplement Facts (Klean Probiotic, Douglas Labs)

  Container Size 60 Caps
  Serving Size 1 Cap
 Amount Per 1 CapContent%DV
 Multi-Strain Probiotic Blend15 Billion CFU
Lactobacillus acidophilus (DDS-1)
4.3 Billion CFU
 Lactobacillus rhamnosus4.3 Billion CFU
 Bifido lactis1.9 Billion CFU
 Lactobacillus lactis1 Billion CFU
 Bifido longum1 Billion CFU
 Bifido bifidum1 Billion CFU
 Lactobacillus gasseri1 Billion CFU
 Streptococcus thermophilus0.5 Billion CFU
 Proprietary Blend
FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and Ulmus fulva (bark)
210 mg
 % Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
* Daily Value (DV) not established.

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