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VasculoSirt, Biotics Research (300 Caps)

Biotics Research VasculoSirtVasculoSirt is made by Biotics ResearchVasculoSirt

Manufacturer: Biotics Research
Item #: 2925
Content: 300 Caps


A state of the art product, providing comprehensive support for healthy cardiovascular function

Vascular aging is characterized by progressive arterial stiffness, loss of arterial elasticity and arterial compliance from a myriad of structural and functional changes in the endothelium, vascular media and adventitia. VasculoSirt™’s revolutionary nutritional formula is designed to:
  • Slow vascular aging
  • Promote vascular and heart health
  • Slow aging in experimental animals
  • Provide support for healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels within normal ranges
  • Support sirtuin activity

Why you may need VasculoSirt (Vitamin K-Free)
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Cardiovascular risk is influenced by a number of factors and risk markers. Vascular aging is characterized by progressive arterial stiffness, loss of arterial elasticity and changes in many structural functions and cardiovascular risk factors, increasing the risk of early cardiovascular disease (CVD). Normal vascular aging is associated with gradual changes in the vascular structure and function, resulting in a gradual decreased arterial integrity and increased arterial stiffening. In susceptible individuals the vascular aging process can take place much more rapid, eventually resulting in premature CVD’s, including coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease. VasculoSirt is a revolutionary nutritional product designed to slow vascular aging and promote vascular and heart health.

Why your Healthcare Professional recommends VasculoSirt (Vitamin K-Free) from Biotics Research Corporation
VasculoSirt was developed following three years of research by Dr. Mark Houston, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt Medical School, and Director of Hypertension Institute and Vascular Biology in Nashville. It is a unique formulation of select nutrients that have been clinically shown to promote healthy blood pressure, glucose and insulin levels and maintain normal ranges of cardiovascular risk markers. Studies have also shown that VasculoSirt can protect DNA from damage, slow aging, stimulate caloric restriction, and inhibit inflammation.

Suggested Use
Five (5) capsules two (2) times each day as a dietary supplement or otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Those taking Coumadin or anticoagulants should avoid supplements with vitamin K unless specifically recommended and monitored by their physician. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

 Supplement Facts (VasculoSirt, Biotics Research)

  Container Size 300 Caps
  Serving Size 5 Caps
 Amount Per 5 CapsContent%DV
 Vitamin A (mixed carotenoids)3750 IU75 %
 Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)250 mg417 %
 Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol)4000 IU1000 %
 Vitamin K (as Mena Q7 menaquinone-7 (extract of Bacillus subtilis natto) and as phytonadione)50 mg63 %
 Thiamin (B1) (as thiamin monitrate)5 mg333 %
 Riboflavin (B2)5 mg294 %
 Niacin25 mg125 %
 Vitamin B6 (as pyridozine HCI)50 mg2500 %
 Folate (as calcium folinate)400 mcg100 %
 Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)50 mcg8333 %
 Biotin2500 mcg833 %
 Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate)12.5 mg125 %
 Magnesium (as magnesium glycinate)125 mg31 %
 Zinc (as zinc picolinate)15 mg100 %
 Selenium (as selenomethionine)100 mcg143 %
 Copper (as copper citrate)5 mg25 %
 Coenzyme Q10 (emulsified)50 mg*
 Trans-Resveratrol (from Polygonum cuspidatum)(radix and rhizoma)50 mg*
 R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (from stabilized sodium salt)50 mg*
 Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG)(leaf)500 mg*
 Acetyl-L Carnitine hydrochloride500 mg*
 Olive Extract (Olea europaea)(fruit)50 mg*
 Quercetin (Dimorphandra mollis)50 mg*
 Ginkgo Extract (Ginkgo biloba)(leaf)5 mg*
 Phytolens (Lens esculenta extract)5 mg*
 Lutein (from Aztec Marigold flower)5 mg*
 Lycopene (from Tomato)1.5 mg*
 Other Ingredients: Capsule shell (gelatin and water), magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and gum arabic.
 % Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
* Daily Value (DV) not established.

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